We Keep You Moving For Life


What makes Atlantic Sport & Spine Center so different?


Located near I-95, in Palm Coast, Florida, Atlantic Sport & Spine Center has the best chiropractor and medical physicians offering unparalleled clinical excellence by combining proven medical methods with alternative natural remedies to restore the most challenging muscular skeletal conditions. We help our patients get back to their normal functional state by using the fastest and effective methods, all at an affordable cost.

Founded in 1994, Atlantic Sport and Spine Center is the only pain group where ‘pain relief’ is not the ultimate goal. Why? Pain relief is temporary and merely the beginning of a true healing and restorative process.

We are here to figure out the source of your problem and correct/heal it with you. The road to recovery takes time, effort and patience, but in the end our goal is to restore your health to levels you may not even have hoped for.

We not only use the best physical therapy and medical techniques, but we also teach, educate and assist every patient on improving their strength, endurance, and instruct self care to help prevent future injuries or prolonged pain.

Some day, the approach we have developed will be the standard in healthcare, but in the meantime our patients are receiving the care of the future, today.